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Explore the significance of notices in various contexts, from legal notifications to communication essentials. Learn how to interpret, respond to, and manage notices effectively. Stay informed about the importance of notices in your personal and professional life.

Created on: 04/18/2024

Resolve Your Tax Error! Understanding Section 139(9) Defective Return Notices

Don't panic! This blog post explains what a defective return notice is, common reasons you might receive one, and the steps you can take to rectify the errors and avoid any complications with the ITD. Breathe easy, fix your ITR, and ensure a smooth tax filing process
Created on: 02/15/2024

Navigating Cash Transactions: Unveiling New Guidelines - APNOKACA Update

Introducing the "New Guidelines for Cash Transactions"! These rules are changing how we use cash.
Created on: 02/05/2024

CBDT ITR Forms 1-6 for AY 2024-25: Streamlining Tax Filing for Enhanced Convenience - APNOKACA Update

The CBDT has released Income Tax Return Forms well ahead of time for the Assessment Year 2024-25.
Created on: 01/12/2024

Critical Update: E-Waybill Generation Mandates E-Invoice Details Starting March 01, 2024

The journey began with the operationalization of e-invoice in October 2020 for taxpayers with an Annual Aggregate Turnover (AATO) above Rs. 500 Crores.
Created on: 01/10/2024

Major Development GST Authorities Release Demand Notices Amounting 1.45 Lakh Crore

This surge in notices is attributed to the deadline for issuing notices for the 2017-18 period, which was December 31, 2023.
Created on: 01/04/2024

Challenges in Taxation: The Surge in GST Notices for Numerous Companies

On New Year's Day, Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) received a demand notice of approximately Rs 806 crore for an alleged shortfall in Goods and Services Tax (GST) payment for the fiscal year 2017-18.
Created on: 01/03/2024

LIC Receives GST Demand Notice Rs 806 Crore Plans to Appeal the Order

Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) has disclosed that it recently received a notice for GST payment, along with interest and penalty, totaling Rs 806 crore.
Created on: 11/24/2023

Zomato Swiggy GST Demand Notices Rs 750 Crore DGGI

The Directorate General of GST Intelligence (DGGI) has reportedly issued GST demand notices to Zomato and Swiggy, amounting to Rs 400 crore and Rs 350 crore, respectively.